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E tswa ho Wiktionary

Sesotho word (South African orthography): la
Sesotho word (Lesotho orthography): la

Possessive concord

This possessive concord joins two nouns or pronouns to indicate possession.
For example: Bana ba ka (My children)

Class Subject
1 o wa (SeSA) / oa (SeL)
1a ba ba
2 o wa (SeSA) / oa (SeL)
2a ba ba
3 o wa (SeSA) / oa (SeL)
4 e ya (SeSA) / ea (SeL)
5 le la
6 a a
7 se sa
8 di tsa
9 e ya (SeSA) / ea (SeL)
10 di tsa
14 bo ba
15 ho ha