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SeL: Lesotho Sesotho / Sesotho sa Lesotho[fetola]

Variant of the Sesotho language spoken mainly in Lesotho. In the Sesotho Wiktionary the South African (SeSA) as well as the Lesotho (SeL) versions of words in Sesotho are indicated. Take note that the language is generally regarded as the same language yet the orthographies differ and they act as separate entities in two different countries. Furthermore the two 'variants' have their own dictionaries and even language boards.

The Lesotho variant is mainly spoken in the yellow area in this map of Southern Africa.

Lentsoe la Sesotho (South African orthography): sesotho
Lentsoe la Sesotho (Lesotho orthography): sesotho

Noun class: 7
Subject concord: se

English translation: Sesotho; Southern Sotho - Name for the language

Derivative(s)/Related word(s): sotho
Example of usage: Ke bua Sesotho. (I speak Sesotho.)
Similar words: Basotho (people who speak Sesotho); Lesotho (country where Sesotho is the official language)