E tswa ho Wiktionary

Lentsoe la Sesotho (South African orthography): mme
Lentsoe la Sesotho (Lesotho orthography): 'me

Noun class: 1
Subject concord: o

English translation: mother, aunt and also used to refer respectfully to any female adult

Derivative(s)/Related word(s): bomme (plural)
Example of usage: Mme wa ka. (My mother.)
Similar words:

Sesotho word (South African orthography): mme
Sesotho word (Lesotho orthography): 'me

English translation: and (as used between sentences not single words)

Derivative(s)/Related word(s):
Example of usage: Ke batla ho sebetsa mme ke batla ho bala. (I want to work and I want to read.)
Similar words: le (and used between words not sentences)